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Radiometer – Bestselling Christmas Toy 2011

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Experience this sphere powered by the sun! The vanes in the Radiometer are alternately dark and light in color. When the light strikes these vanes, it transfers heat to each one – but not at the same degree. The lighter vane reflects the rays and the darker vane absorbs the rays. The stronger the light, the more energy there is causing the vanes to spin faster;

The device is sturdily constructed, for what it is. Keep in mind, this is a thin glass bulb similar to a light bulb; it will shatter when dropped. The rotating vanes inside, while intricately crafted, are delicate and not designed to withstand heavy shaking or jarring. It is not a “toy,” particularly not for young children. Rather, it is an interesting scientific novelty, or a “curio,” not intended for frequent handling.

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