Latest Kids fashion trend 2013 by Dolce & Gabbana

In latest fashion trend for kids 2013, Dolce & Gabbana started the trend, using children in family scenarios set in their favourite homeland of Sicily for their main fashion campaigns and it seems the group photo is catching on in a big way. Cool silk printed shorts and dresses for kids fashion trend from Dolce-Gabbana…


2013 hottest toys: Play-Doh on the block

New kind of Play-Doh on the block, a “speciality compound” that’s light and airy, kind of like frosting. So what better things to make with them than cupcakes? The sweets your aspiring chef will “cook up” with this cool set will look practically good enough to eat. $15, Available spring 2013 Number of View :1913


2013 hottest toys: Green Toys Rocket

Excellent space toy won’t just look cute in your toddler’s room, it offers lots to do — with two doors, a detachable nose and two astronauts. Plus, you can feel good about the fact that it’s made of 100 per cent recycled plastic milk jugs. Available March 2013, $25 Number of View :1750