Here is the short list of Frequently asked questions regarding the submission of articles:

1. How is BabyFashionMagazine.com being updated?

Every day (except Sunday) at 12AM PT our editors create and publish a new magazine edition composed ONLY from users posts


2. Is BabyFashionMagazine.com free?

Yes! Every feature and function you currently see on the site is FREE (except featured/banner advertising)


3. How do you choose which posts to feature on the main magazine pages?

Any post written under Trend, Toys, Decorating sections can be featured on the main pages. We are looking for posts that appeal to the majority of our readers as well as have a personal point of view. Here are few tips on how to increase your chances to be featured:
* Make sure your post is at least 100 words long. You can’t really make a point with less than that.
* Add interesting visuals to illustrate your story. Images and videos are great teasers for the readers.
* Make sure to include the source of your story in case you are quoting or referring to other publications. This will add credibility.
* Always try to add your own point of view, even if you refer to other publication, or report news story.
* Make sure to use appropriate language and spelling.
* Be creative.


We will be adding more answers on FAQ


If you have any questions please contact us >>>

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