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We would like to promote your baby, shild with their little fashion details..

If you would like to share photos of your own little one, please send your submission to:

My Baby Photos (at)

baby fashion magazine

Please make sure to include your baby’s/child name, age, photo location (preferably out of the home), and details of their outfit. A brief text of the situation is also appreciated to keep it in perspective.
We’ll review your photo and respond to your email to let you know if it fits with what we are doing and when it will be posted.

Please also submit the photographers name and website (if applicable), and ensure you have full permission for use of the material (see house rules for further detail). Note that all the photos published on will carry the MiniHipster watermark (exclusively), however we will certainly provide credit to the photographer and a link back to their site.

Thank you for your interest and support, and we look forward to receiving your photos!

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